In the world of global markets, a starting business owner only has a very small chance at long-term growth and developing his/her business.

In life, most people are sooner or later met with making a decision concerning their future success on the market and possibilities for growth. A FRANCHISE can be the right solution.

Franchising is a method of expanding a successful company with a proven business concept. Within the scope of franchising, the owner of the successful concept (the franchisor) offers parties interested in having their own business (the franchisees) an opportunity to independently operate a business under his brand and in conformance with his concept. This is commonly conducted in exchange for an entry fee and share in the future profits of the franchisee.

However, franchising may only function under the condition that you choose a good brand and successful concept. The question is how does one recognise such a concept? In general, a successful concept attains ongoing growth with brand awareness continuously increasing with time.

Franchising brings franchisees the opportunity to independently become established as a business owner while taking advantage of the support, know-how and foundation of a strong and experienced partner. Franchisees not only bring capital to the franchising partnership, but mainly knowledge of the local market and situation, while the franchisor provides proven products and a successful business concept.

Franchising is based on the principle of repeating an already proven success. Thereby, the rate of unsuccessful franchises is very low in comparison to establishing one’s own original business. From the very start of launching the business, a franchisee has a more certain and faster entry to the market and acquires know-how, a quality brand and products and services tried and tested by the market and years of operation. Thus a franchise provides a large chance at avoiding initial errors and losses, which often lead to the bankruptcy of young companies. On a societal scale, quality franchising is a welcome economic tool, which enables people to start a business without their own know-how, while providing franchisors with the possibility to develop and expand at a faster rate with the help of external capital brought to the business by franchisees.

RE/MAX belongs among the most successful real estate franchise companies. Through franchising we operate in more than 80 countries around the world and our global network includes almost 7000 real estate offices. RE/MAX belongs among franchising companies with the best support, training and communication services provided to its franchisees. Proof of this is first prize, the “Franchise Relations Award” awarded to RE/MAX in 1996 by the “Income Opportunities” magazine.

You can join RE/MAX by purchasing a franchise licence, which entitles you to open a real estate office under the RE/MAX brand anywhere in the Czech Republic. We will be glad to explain all conditions for cooperation in person. If you are interested, please fill out and send the form below.