Renting out a property

  1. Choosing a real estate agent

    Independent surveys show that those who use the services of experienced real estate agents sell their property for a higher price and in a shorter period of time than those who sell it themselves.

  2. Inspection of your property by a real estate agent

    Inspection of your property is a prerequisite for professional service. In determining the real rent charge, not only does the property play a role as such (age, condition and amenities), but also the surroundings (civil amenities, transport services) and the current offer of properties for rent in the given location.

  3. Preparing your property for renting out

    Even before you begin to offer your property for renting out, it is important to thoroughly prepare it and increase its attractiveness as much as possible. Your real estate agent will give you important tips and recommend, or provide a specialist if necessary, who can take care of this for you.

  4. Concluding an Agency Agreement

    Your agent will diligently familiarise you with the conditions of cooperation. If you come to an agreement, you will conclude an Agency Agreement together with the real estate office represented by your real estate agent. This ensures a smooth course of business transactions, it contains the conditions that have been agreed to and establishes the right for the agent to offer the property and deal with interested parties.

  5. Creating a sales presentation of your property

    Your agent will create a professional presentation of your property for marketing it and for dealing with interested parties. The sales presentation includes all general and technical information on your property, photographs, layout and other relevant documents and information.

  6. Listing your property in the system

    Within 24 hours of signing the Agency Agreement, your property will be entered into the internal RE/MAX system and subsequently exported to all important real estate servers. At the moment your property is entered into the system, pairing with corresponding enquiries will begin from the entire RE/MAX network and its offer is sent to all potential interested parties by email.

  7. Marketing your property

    An important part of the sales plan is a made-to-measure advertisement of your property. The less standard the property, the more diverse the marketing activities can be.

  8. Tour of your property

    You agent will only select suitable parties interested in a tour of your property in advance, based on their criteria and financial competence. This saves your time and privacy.

  9. Lease agreement

    Your agent will ensure a lease agreement is prepared, which treats the conditions of the contractual relationship.

  10. Taking over the property

    When taking over the property, the agent or property owner shall render a Transfer Protocol for signing, which will include the state of and insufficiencies in amenities or furnishings, the status of power meters (mainly hot and cold water, electricity, gas).