Why exclusively

Complete service, attaining the highest possible sales price and shortening the time it takes to sell your property. This is why you should choose an exclusive agreement with RE/MAX.

The agreement is entered into for a fixed term (3-6 months with automatic extension). Only one real estate office represents you for this period and looks after the entire course of the business transaction.
Moreover, the agreement also stipulates how the real estate agency will be rewarded and a detailed scope of rendered services in the event that you find a buyer yourself.


  1. Greater credibility of your property offer

    – The offer is presented by one agent only

  2. Communication with one agent only

    – This agent adheres to the integrated sales and price strategy you have agreed to

  3. Maximum work performance from your agent

    – The agent devotes more time and funds to you, which helps sell your property faster

  4. Receive regular information from your agent

    – Your agent will inform you of all his/her activities and suggest further possible steps in selling your property

  5. No pressure to decrease the price without any substantial reason under the pretence of a prospective buyer

    – Exclusive cooperation does not force the agent to compete

  6. Your property is sold faster even thanks to enabling cooperation with other agents

    – As opposed to non-exclusive cooperation, agents are motivated to share their commission

  7. The entire RE/MAX network offers your property

    – Mandatory cooperation and a sophisticated system of matching all offers and enquiries

  8. Negotiating the highest possible sales price

    – Thanks to the opportunity for the agent to defend your interests to the maximum

  9. You can tell who is an experienced agent

    – Experienced agents conclude exclusive agreements for cooperation

  10. The agreement is entered for a fixed term

    – If you are not satisfied with the services, you have the option of filing a complaint – see Complaint Procedure