Career at RE/MAX

Office director

RE/MAX Czech Republic is not only looking for franchisees/entrepreneurs, but also experienced managers for its offices.

We are looking for competent managers, who are not afraid of challenges. Experience in the field is welcome, but not required, experience with developing human resources is an advantage.

We offer the opportunity to share in the development of the largest real estate network in the Czech Republic, a large dose of independence and access to a wide spectrum of information, training and technology, which will help you succeed.


Would you like to work for a prestigious international company?

  • Are you looking for independence?
  • Do you prefer flexible working hours?
  • Are you a real estate agent and unsatisfied with your own valuation?
  • Does it seem to you that a rather small amount is left for you from the fees you earn?
  • Start working for RE/MAX and see that RE/MAX IS TRULY A DIFFERENT REAL ESTATE COMPANY.

At RE/MAX, you will receive space for growth, which is not limited by anything. RE/MAX is home to the best of the best.

Main benefits for RE/MAX real estate agents

Successful multinational company

RE/MAX is the most successful network of real estate offices in the Czech Republic and the world. Since its establishment, our network has been expanding continuously and presently more than 95000 real estate agents work for us all around the world. With RE/MAX, you receive the foundation of a strong multinational company.

Time independence

Do you want to devote more time to your family? Are you lacking time for your hobbies and interests? Perhaps you have another reason for looking for a perspective job with flexible working hours. With RE/MAX you are your own boss. You have maximum control of your time and it is up to you how you plan your time.

Business independence and support from RE/MAX

Are you not cut-out for a regular nine-to-five job with supervision and under the persistent control of a boss? Would you like to try out what it is like to be independent but are scared of failure? Try RE/MAX. The unique concept of RE/MAX gives you the chance to fully develop your entrepreneurial talent, while allowing you to be in control of the degree of support you need in order to succeed. With RE/MAX, you work for yourself, but not by yourself. You have the possibility to choose how you will present yourself, e.g. using your own business cards, advertising decals for your car etc. However, this does not mean you are all alone for everything. RE/MAX will provide you with the required support, e.g. web presentation, regular training, option to participate in large and international real estate projects, access to international reference offers or regional advertising and marketing support.

National and international system of referential offers

With RE/MAX, you will not be limited by the borders of the Czech Republic. With RE/MAX, you can sell real estate in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. Moreover, your clients will have access from the comfort of your office to real estate abroad.

Sophisticated training system

The RE/MAX training system includes entry and other specialised training. You can educate yourself through intranet pages, where educational seminars on various topics are at your disposal. These seminars were created for the RE/MAX television satellite in North America and other regions, and are available in the form of video recordings. RE/MAX disposes of a three-level career model of education. During the course of your career at RE/MAX, you can complete a wide range of training and courses, which can turn a starting agent into perhaps a successful owner of a real estate office, because the “sky is the limit”.

Company culture based on high ethical standards and a professional approach

RE/MAX takes pride in its company culture, which is based on a professional approach, high ethical standards, continuous education, sharing the ideas and personal contacts of its members. We hold an international and national meeting each year, at which you have the opportunity to meet your colleagues from abroad and establish personal contacts which are important in the real estate sector.

Maximum valuation

The starting point of the RE/MAX concept is maximum reward for the work of real estate agents. With RE/MAX, 80% of the acquired commission remains yours in exchange for sharing operating costs for the office.

You work for yourself, but not by yourself! RE/MAX will help you start your career as a real estate agent. RE/MAX Czech Republic and office owners are primarily here to help you develop your own business and not vice versa.



We are looking for experienced professionals for our offices, who have an overview of and experience in real estate issues and business. If you are able to convey and share these skills and knowledge with entrusted agents, then you are just the person we are looking for.

RE/MAX offers you extensive learning opportunities not only in real estate issues, but also in the issues of training and coaching. We will help you with the first steps in this position and continue to assist you in developing your skills.