Quality Guarantee


As the only real estate agency, RE/MAX guarantees you quality of the services it provides

Our clients are always in first place for us, and thus we do everything we can to guarantee them satisfaction. One-hundred percent service are a given to us. As the only real estate agency on the market, we guarantee the quality of offered services and have thereby implemented business terms and conditions, which are described below.

Moreover, we systematically measure the level of our customer service on our Quality Barometer, which measures the level of client satisfaction, and clearly indicates that the number of complaints filed is minimal in comparison to the total number of sales completed and shows the level of our client’s satisfaction is 99%.



Business terms and conditions

  1. Definitions

    The RE/MAX Real Estate Office means any natural or legal body established in the Czech Republic in the real estate business, which is under a franchise contract entitled to use the RE/MAX system. Each real estate office of the RE/MAX is independently owned and operated.The Real Estate Agent means a party trained under the RE/MAX system, doing an independent business in the Czech Republic in brokering and real estate services, which is contractually bound by one of the RE/MAX real estate offices, being entitled under the contract to use the RE/MAX system.The Client means any natural or legal body, which use the real estate services provided by some of the real estate agents.The contract means an agreement for the provision of real estate services (brokering the sale or rental property) between a particular RE/MAX real estate office and the client.

  2. The Code of Ethics

    The Real Estate offices of the RE/MAX and their real estate agents proceed in providing their services always in accordance with the client’s interests and their activities are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and The Code of Ethics of the RE/MAX Czech Republic company.

  3. Brokerage Contract

    The RE/MAX Real Estate offices and their real estate agents provide real estate services only by a written agreement. All guarantees and benefits provided to the client under the RE/MAX system are subject to a written contract conclusion.

  4. Remuneration

    The RE/MAX real estate agents are entitled to remuneration (commission) for providing the real estate services. The RE/MAX real estate offices and their real estate agents shall be obligated, without being asked by the client, to issue and submit him a proper invoice billing the fees (commission), including, in addition to all legal requirements, an appropriate amount of the VAT in the event that the RE/MAX real estate office is a VAT taxpayer. A remuneration includes a brokerage for brokering a sale/lease of the property, and includes a minimum range of services, regardless of to what extent they have been in a particular case used by the client.

  5. Procedure for sale / lease and sample documents

    Description of the standard procedure for sale/lease of the property and sample documents are available on the website – HERE.

  6. Money deposits and escrow accounts

    RE/MAX real estate offices and their real estate agents are authorised only to offer clients notary or escrow accounts for depositing the property purchase price that are recommended by the head office of RE/MAX Czech Republic. RE/MAX real estate offices are obligated to keep an independent bank account, in which the funds of clients are deposited, separately from the account intended for normal office operation.

  7. Property condition

    RE/MAX real estate offices and their real estate agents are not liable for damages incurred in the case that a client withholds or provides false information on the condition of the property.

  8. Information obligation

    RE/MAX real estate offices and their real estate agents regularly inform the client of the condition of ordered services throughout the duration of the contract.

  9. Complaints

    The client may exercise his/her rights at any time pursuant to the RE/MAX Czech Republic Complaints Procedures. The complete wording of the Complaints Procedure is available on the website www.re-max.cz. The client has the right to file a complaint concerning the quality of services rendered at any RE/MAX real estate office or at the RE/MAX Czech Republic toll-free line (tel.: 800 888 808). RE/MAX real estate offices and toll-free line workers are obliged to always conduct themselves in accordance with the RE/MAX Czech Republic Complaints Procedure and settle any suggestions or complaints immediately.

  10. Ombudsman

    RE/MAX real estate offices and its real estate agents guarantee clients that filed complaints will be independently reviewed and assessed by the ombudsman.

  11. Compulsory liability insurance

    RE/MAX real estate offices and their agents are obligated to be covered by liability insurance. Any damages to the property of a client during the course of the business transaction incurred by a RE/MAX real estate office or its agents, is covered by insurance.

  12. Identification obligation

    In conformance with Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, as amended, RE/MAX real estate offices are an authorised person and as such they are obliged to perform client identification and keep the identification data for the period as required by the law.

Client satisfaction guarantee

We focus on the needs of our clients and follow the principles of the “RE/MAX Client Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Professional sales standards

We take care of making sure growth is generated by knowledge and expertise. Therefore, when doing business we follow the Professional Sales Standards.