Who we are

Welcome to the website of RE/MAX Czech Republic

Our enthusiasm for the absolute satisfaction our clients‘ needs is the main reason why the RE/MAX network has been growing constantly for over thirty years. Our strategy has already proven to be successful in 72 countries worldwide – in countries with different economic, cultural and business conditions.

On the real estate markets in the USA and Canada, which are the most competitive in the world, RE/MAX is clearly the number one player. Even in Europe, where RE/MAX entered in 1995, it soon became the biggest and most successful real estate network, being the only enterprise operating across Europe.

In 2005, RE/MAX entered the Czech market to demonstrate the success of its policies. According to an independent market study, RE/MAX is the most well-known brand with the largest market share and the highest number of satisfied clients in the Czech Republic.

Strong awareness of the RE/MAX brand among clients, a huge shared supply and demand of properties, a unique education system and our leading position on the market attract the most productive and experienced agents to the RE/MAX network. RE/MAX agents are globally the most productive on average, because, thanks to RE/MAX policies, they can simply satisfy the needs of their clients better than anyone else.

RE/MAX applies the franchising principle and motto “With RE/MAX Everybody Wins“.

This “Everybody Wins” principle also works in the Czech Republic. What does this mean for you as our clients? The maximum benefit and value of our real estate service. We focus on the real needs of our clients and we maintain high professional standards and a strict code of ethics. We are the only one to offer a warranty on the quality of our service.

As our clients are the winners, so are our agents and the owners of RE/MAX agencies. With RE/MAX, anyone who wants to prosper, be independent and find satisfaction in his/her business will find the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of time-tested strategy and power. The owners of RE/MAX agencies and their agents have a huge chance of success and both professional and personal growth. RE/MAX gives them motivation, energy and the required know-how, so that they can give their best toward the satisfaction of their clients and become the best and most productive property entities in the region.

On behalf of the entire RE/MAX team, I hope you to find the most desired property on our website and inspiration for a new sense of direction in your career. Also, thank you for your trust in RE/MAX. You have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

David Krajný
President of the Company / Chairman of the Board
RE/MAX Czech Republic